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A Cine Qua Non Moment For Alice Guy EP104

CineQNL Alice Guy

In podcast Episode 104, one of the many life’s surprises that comes from attending film festivals is connecting with people who contribute to the continuing advancement of the arts and in this case great storytelling. A visit from Jesus Pimentel-Melo, executive director of the Cine Qua Non Screenwriting Lab, situated in the heart of Mexico turned into an exceptional conversation about the two-week residential workshop as well as a gift of beautiful writing journal with a dedication to my hero, Alice Guy Blache. I was touched.

Our conversation began with her work as the first woman film director, the way to be natural, and how the screenwriting lab curates the group, matching writers to their benefit. In addition to script guidance provided by the facilitator through workshop sessions and one-on-one meetings, there is additional professional advice by guest speakers. Participants have ample time for writing imbued with inspiration from their surroundings. The lab offers the participants the opportunity to workshop their projects with other international filmmakers, be part of a community of other like-minded artists, and access the Cine Qua Non Lab film professional network, all in an absolutely beautiful, protected setting, free of stress and distractions.

It’s fascinating to make such a connection within Narrowsburg, a place my family has called our second home for almost fifty years. Likely the reason why it keeps calling me back to the Delaware River, is its natural beauty, its serenity, and the arts that surround it. Time to take in the golden hour and wait for the hummingbirds to arrive. However, today the Honeybee Festival took over Main Street, and crowds that filled the one-way street stepped aside for the high school marching band dressed in golden yellow and black strip bee outfits. As the marching band refused to yield, we ended our conversation before being drowned out into oblivion.

Another journey along the bumpy road of writer’s rewrite as my feature screenplay morphs from Madame Director to Alice In Movieland and the inner workings of how Alice became the amazing person I look to for answers.

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