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The Rainbow on a NYC Corner is VESELKA

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A rainbow is an optical phenomenon. A captivating sight– the colors never change, and neither does the sequence. Rainbows symbolize good luck, wellness, happiness, health, inclusivity, and diversity, an all-embracing image of love and friendship. A Rainbow makes people Happy because it symbolizes Hope. In Life, something beautiful can be produced after pain and struggle.

According to film critic Stephen Whitty, “Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World” directed by Michael Fiore, “is a lovely doc that starts out being about a venerable East Village restaurant and ends up being about freedom and family.”  I had the good fortune to speak with Michael about his work. It started as an intimate look at a father-and-son relationship in a family business that their Ukrainian patriarch started after World War II, which galvanized when the war broke out in Ukraine in 2022.

It opened their world and outlook to include affected persons in their employ, eventually becoming an integral part as their extended family. It’s an American classic of an immigrant’s dream to work hard and create a refuge for friends while keeping his love for his homeland, Ukraine, at the forefront. His dream, his rainbow, Veselka, a symbol of hope and beauty after dark times, remains to this day. Listen in…

For more current information go to VESELKA movie Facebook page.

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