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It began over a decade ago New Years Eve when I discovered a way to bring the art of conversation together with my love for film, music in film and film festivals. Step into a world of independent films, music in film, filmmakers, the film industry, women in film and the film festival circuit worldwide.

Writer’s Blog

Ever since I could remember in grade school, I wrote captions, titles, log lines and read the TV Guide every week. So, it comes as no surprise that I blog about reviews not only about film festivals but for the films that are screened there as well as new technology and the economic impacts of the film industry. I am fortunate to have Yuri Turchyn as my editor (podcast producing partner, musician extraordinaire and husband). It was his syntax that stole my heart and his sharp eye for grammar, spelling and substance, all the while understanding where my thoughts begin and how my writing moves along from start to finish.

Podcast Producer

What’s a podcast? The underlying technology used for podcasts called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a feed capable of containing any type of media besides audio.  New audiences can subscribe to a podcast and receive new episodes automatically through an RSS feed. Podcasting consists of publishing XML files which contain references to media (called “enclosures”) to a website. Podcast aggregators (often referred to as “podcatchers”) read these XML files and download all the linked enclosures.

Unlike terrestrial and internet radio, podcasts are time-shifted, meaning listeners have control over when and where they hear their favorite programming. In addition, podcasts can have designated destinations such as iTunes or other subscriber-based distributors where episodes are delivered automatically to a subscriber so the latest updates are always readily available with no effort required by the listener. Podcasts offer the same freedom and level of control audiences are familiar when listening to their own personal music collections. Film Festival reViews podcasts are recorded at Wheatsheaf Studio Productions and on remote locations.

Services and Forte

Develop a vibrant online community and engage new audiences by expanding their interactive choices. Our forte– A decade of podcast love provides a creatively proficient and knowledgeable writer/director/producer for podcast development ensuring listeners know who they are listening and subscribing to. Our services include but not limited to Marketing A Movie | Series and Script Development | Identity Branding  |  Music  |  Sponsor Announcements  |  Podcast Stats

Reel Jersey Girl Pictures

I’m a Reel Jersey Girl in a New York State of Mind. Born in the U.S.A., I aspire to be a Citizen of the World and still be an L.A. Woman (only because I’m a Classic Rock music lover). First woman filmmaker Alice Guy Blache is my guiding light, godmother of storytelling and guardian angel on the path that chose me.I spin plates, juggle work/play/taking the back roads and finding new adventures, living a love-of-life-under-the-Kubelka-spell-moment  lifestyle, perfecting the art of conversation with a never surrender, never give up attitude.

My Short film, KINDERHOOK, Send Your Demo Here, Part 1, has been accepted as an Official Selection in the Legacy Music Documentary Category 2018 Asbury Park Music + Film Festival, Asbury Park, New Jersey, April 27-29.