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Nominated Best Foreign Film Monsieur Lazhar EP085

Quebec director, Philippe Falardeau stunned during the screening at Sundance Film Festival, as his film, Monsieur Lazhar, was nominated for an Academy Award  (Best Foreign Film).
Shuffle Diplomacy Tour

Steely Dan Shuffle Diplomacy Tour EP080

A Steely Dan concert from their Shuffle Diplomacy Tour Twenty Eleven seduced us in the Berkshires at Tanglewood with their sophisticated and sublime music and musicians.
Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson on Fatal Promises EP069

Told through stories of victims in Ukraine and other Eastern European nations, Emma Thompson narrates the documentary, Fatal Promises, directed by Kat Rohrer and produced by her mother, expose journalist, Anneliese Rohrer.
2B The Era of Flesh is over

Ray Kurzweil and The Singularity EP070

Another Woodstock on the Edge with the film "2B: The Era of Flesh Is Over" as it tests the waters along with a panel that included Ray Kurzweil's take on the future in the field of artificial intelligence.
2009wff poster

A Decade of Woodstock Film Festival EP071

In ten years, Woodstock Film Festival was established as a maverick, being fiercely independent, providing an outpouring of films from fiercely independent filmmakers.
Yuri on stage

Yuri Turchyn Improv Part Deux EP067

Acclaimed jazz violinist Yuri Turchyn gets into the heart of the matter with the connections between the artist and the aspects of music-making.
Christina Kotlar

Christina Kotlar

writer | podcast producer

Merging the art of film marketing strategy with the film festival experience


Merging the Film Festival Experience Part I

Nothing can replace the shared experience with an audience.
Christina in Cannes

Cannes Short Film Market

Most filmmakers squander a golden opportunity in Cannes without a plan.
Courtney, Melissa Leo

Art of Festival Experience Part II

During film festivals, a perfect alignment of powerful connections is born under the stars.