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A Decade of Woodstock Film Festival EP071

In ten years, Woodstock Film Festival was established as a maverick, being fiercely independent, providing an outpouring of films from fiercely independent filmmakers.
Yuri on stage

Yuri Turchyn Improv Part Deux EP067

Acclaimed jazz violinist Yuri Turchyn gets into the heart of the matter with the connections between the artist and the aspects of music-making.
Jazz Fest

Yuri Turchyn Improvising GRUPO YURI EP066

An American original coming from roots in the Jersey music scene in the 1970s into experimental permutations integrating Latin Jazz into a World Beat sound.

BeFilm Underground FF Shorts Galore EP063

BeFilm The Underground Film Festival (BeTuff) showcases the best national and international films in animation, documentary, experimental, spec narrative, and stereoscopic films.
Rauch Bros German In Woods

Animation Rauch Brothers StoryCorp EP065

Tim and Mike Rauch are the animators behind German In The Woods, a Best in Show Winner at ASIFA East. Their illustration style has a rhythm and pace of an orchestrated composition, nuances of physical gestures with the grain.
Be Film UndergroundFF

BeFilm Underground FF Stereoscopic Stories EP061

BeFilm The Underground Film Festival (BeTuff) is the first film festival in the world exclusively dedicated to short films with a 3D stereoscopic category.
Christina Kotlar

Christina Kotlar

writer | podcast producer

Merging the art of film marketing strategy with the film festival experience


Merging the Film Festival Experience Part I

Nothing can replace the shared experience with an audience.
Christina in Cannes

Cannes Short Film Market

Most filmmakers squander a golden opportunity in Cannes without a plan.
Courtney, Melissa Leo

Art of Festival Experience Part II

During film festivals, a perfect alignment of powerful connections is born under the stars.