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Tribeca 2019 Get Back To It EP103

My goal, such as it is for any film festival outside of my daily driving ability, was to find the Registration room, pick up my badge and get the lay of the land.
Tribeca 2016

Tribeca 2018 My Backyard EP102

Tribeca Film Festival is my backyard as a Reel Jersey Girl accessing the most interesting, spine-tingling, and controversial work for the nextfor eleven days.
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End-of-Year Strong Women Roles EP101

Twelve years, on New Year's Eve, I put out my first podcast program calling it a tryst for indie film lovers around the film festival circuit worldwide.
Hedy Lamarr Image

Hedy Lamarr Bombshell @Tribeca EP099

While most films we've seen at Tribeca Film Festival depend upon a programmer's scheduling to fit with our own, there were several that fit perfectly with the Women in Film lineup that I focus on.
johnny rotten

One and Only Punk Rocker Johnny Rotten EP098

A one-of-a-kind cinematic experience The Public Image is Rotten combining performance and conversation with John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, original frontman for the punk rock band, the Sex Pistols.
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March is Women in Film History Month EP097

My crazy as a March Hare month as I recall falling into the rabbit hole a decade ago with Fort Lee Film Commission introducing me to Alice Guy Blache, the first woman filmmaker and the godmother to all women in film.
Christina Kotlar

Christina Kotlar

writer | podcast producer

Merging the art of film marketing strategy with the film festival experience


Merging the Film Festival Experience Part I

Nothing can replace the shared experience with an audience.
Christina in Cannes

Cannes Short Film Market

Most filmmakers squander a golden opportunity in Cannes without a plan.
Courtney, Melissa Leo

Art of Festival Experience Part II

During film festivals, a perfect alignment of powerful connections is born under the stars.