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centralia town that was

Earth Day Philly Film Fest Shows Spark EP035

Earth Day at the Philadelphia Film Festival getting the lowdown with filmmakers about an environmental tragedy A Town That Was with a chemical fire burning underneath a town that cannot be put out, costing 600 million and could burn for a hundred years.
Big Sky Doc FF

Big Sky Doc Film Festival Missoula EP028

Doug Hawes-Davis on the environmental films at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, Montana.
Focus on Film

A Sundance American Indie EP024

Sundance Film Festival is the place where filmmakers come together, catch up on what's up and coming in the industry while still focusing on film as digital is nipping at its heels. How to festival Sundance successfully depends on planning and endurance.
Sundance2007 CK

Sundance Focus on Film

With so much going on, I keep my eye on the Focus on Film theme of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. What an eye-opener.
High Falls Film Fest

Catherine Wyler High Falls Film Fest EP020

Catherine Wyler, Artistic Director High Falls Film Festival, Rochester, New York.
Underdog Lady

Celebrating Heroes at Cape May Film Festival EP021

Films celebrating heroes at the Cape May New Jersey Film Festival from the streets during 9/11 to seemingly uneventful routines, festival curator, Stefan Prosky talks about how film influences people to go out and do extraordinary things.
Christina Kotlar

Christina Kotlar

writer | podcast producer

Merging the art of film marketing strategy with the film festival experience


Merging the Film Festival Experience Part I

Nothing can replace the shared experience with an audience.
Christina in Cannes

Cannes Short Film Market

Most filmmakers squander a golden opportunity in Cannes without a plan.
Courtney, Melissa Leo

Art of Festival Experience Part II

During film festivals, a perfect alignment of powerful connections is born under the stars.