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Courtney, Melissa Leo

Lake Placid FF Melissa Leo and Frozen River EP054

Writer/director Courtney Hunt wrote the short, then the feature Frozen River, then Melissa Leo and Misty Upham brought the narrative home, winning the  Sundance  Grand Jury Prize for Dramatic Competition. 
Idiots and Angels

Bill Plympton Idiots&Angels EP052

Bill Plympton's World Premiere of an animation feature, Idiots & Angels, a dark comedy about a man battling for his soul.

Cynthia Wade an Academy Award for Freeheld EP051

Cynthia Wade, Director of Academy Award-winning Short Documentary, Freeheld, talks about elements that make up a "Cynthia Wade" stamp on her work, specifically a story told through the eyes of a strong female character.
Frozen river at Sundance

With Melissa Leo from Frozen River to the Catskills EP050

A conversation with Melissa Leo in her element at the foothills of the Catskills where mystical energies make things happen.

At Woodstock Film Festival Mavericks EP044

Another Woodstock Film Festival (2007) welcomes the fiercely independent Mavericks of independent filmmaking.
my best friend

Director Patrice Leconte on My Best Friend EP040

Acclaimed French director, Patrice Leconte, talks about My Best Friend, which led to his statement and my question – is the best friend only a myth and having a best friend a thing of the past where legends reside?
Christina Kotlar

Christina Kotlar

writer | podcast producer

Merging the art of film marketing strategy with the film festival experience


Merging the Film Festival Experience Part I

Nothing can replace the shared experience with an audience.
Christina in Cannes

Cannes Short Film Market

Most filmmakers squander a golden opportunity in Cannes without a plan.
Courtney, Melissa Leo

Art of Festival Experience Part II

During film festivals, a perfect alignment of powerful connections is born under the stars.