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Celebrating Heroes at Cape May Film Festival EP021

Underdog Lady

There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here. My Life As An Underdog was one of many films celebrating heroes at the Cape May New Jersey Film Festival. From the streets during 9/11 to seemingly uneventful routines, festival curator, Stefan Prosky talks about how film influences people to go and do extraordinary things.

My Life As An Underdog examines the idea of fame and one woman’s quest for immortality. Suzanne Muldowney is terrified that she will die in anonymity and pursues a way to find meaning in her life. As a performance artist, she has for thirty years interpreted the superhero cartoon character Underdog. Ms. Muldowney was present for the afternoon Q&A with various handmade costumes and a B&W photography display revealing an intimate portrait of uncommon talents.

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